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Showcase the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail which goes into every J Craft boat and allow the site to be used as a browsable online experience or a one-to-one sales tool.


J Craft build the most exquisite boats in Europe. They mix traditional techniques with cutting edge design and innovation, producing craft which have a timeless beauty and a breathtaking attention to detail. Our challenge was to showcase the boats on an international backdrop without having the luxury of being able to sail the boats halfway across the world.

Taking Raw 3D data we built a virtual boat which we then animated and superimposed onto stock library images. The result is a series of videos and functionality capturing the boat in exclusive environments across the world, for a fraction of the cost of a physical shoot.


  • Website on tablet and desktop
  • Sales tool
  • 3D animations in 4 locations
  • Boat configurator
  1. Microsite & Sales Tool
  2. Microsite & Sales Tool
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  4. Microsite & Sales Tool
  5. Microsite & Sales Tool
  6. Microsite & Sales Tool
  7. Microsite & Sales Tool

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