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Showcase international cosmetic packaging designer Marc Rosen's Eastman's Glass Polymer bottle designs, at the prestigious 2010 Luxpak exhibition held in Monaco.


Using designs imagined by Marc Rosen as our inspiration we created a fantasy fashion show, combining real life model footage and amazing virtual renders to showcase the materials attributes.

We cast a series of high-end fashion models then filmed them from various angles in a green screen studio as they walked. In post we then mapped the textures and qualities of each of the products onto the environment and built our fantasy world.

Making sure the client had as much usable footage as possible from the work, we shot hi-res stills to be used as exhibition backdrops, also filming a series of US and London based interviews telling the story of the collaboration between Eastman, Mark Rosen and leading manufacturers within the cosmetic market.


  • Studio shoot with fashion models on a green screen backdrop
  • H-Res Stills fashion-shoot 
  • 3D motion graphics
  • Music and sound effects
  • 2.30 min inspiration video
  • 30 sec inspiration video
  • 4.20 Talking head interview video
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