Corning Advance Glass


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Create an interactive touch solution for visitors to the CES show, allowing them to play and understand more about glass and its extraordinary properties.


Everything at CES clamours for the visitor's attention. The project team didn’t want this presentation to be yet another infrequently watched showreel. We wanted to engage with the user and ask them to explore and interact with the content on their own level.

We then layered this with a playful simple interaction on a large 82” touch screen to make the experience feel quick, simple and elegant to use.


  • 2D assets & digital design
  • 82” Interactive piece
  • Mobile & tablet optimised

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  1. Corning Advance Glass
  2. Corning Advance Glass
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    Building the site in HTML5 allowed the team to easily port the 82" touch screen version onto mobile and desktop, allowing Corning to make the most of their investment for CES.

  4. Corning Advance Glass
  5. Corning Advance Glass
  6. Corning Advance Glass
  7. Corning Advance Glass

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