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  • Anti Bac


    Anti Bac

    To show the consumer exactly how Antimicrobial glass from Corning will improve the hygiene of their touchscreen use day to day...

  • Glass Class Parallax Website


    Glass Class Parallax Website

    Corning Glass Class website presents uncommon knowledge about an extraordinary material. Built in HTML5, this responsive site works beautifully across all devices...

  • Willow Glass


    Willow Glass

    Corning's ultra-slim flexible glass combines the inherent benefits of glass with cost-efficient manufacturing...

  • Corning 'OLED'


    Corning 'OLED'

    Corning Lotus™ Glass was developed for advanced, high-performance display applications, such as smart phones, tablets, and notebook computers...

  • Gorilla Glass fusion process


    Gorilla Glass fusion process

    Showing how Corning Fusion Technology minimises imperfection, making Corning Glass inherently stronger...

  • Why Glass Breaks


    Why Glass Breaks

    CES video which explores how Corning's proprietary fusion technology reduces imperfection to make screens stronger...

  • Corning Optical Fiber Technology


    Corning Optical Fiber Technology

    The history of optical fiber and how Corning have helped revolutionise the world we live in...

  • Corning HPD Video


    Corning HPD Video

    The evolution of LCD and OLED technology, and how Corning's technology enables new innovation for consumers...

  • Gorilla Glass 2 Comparison


    Gorilla Glass 2 Comparison

    How strong is Gorilla Glass 2? We explore the limits of what this amazing material can do...

  • Modern Design


    Modern Design

    Interactive touch-screen used at CES 2012, showcasing appliances, architecture, and automobile opportunities...

  • Corning Advance Glass


    Corning Advance Glass

    Interactive touch screen & mobile feature for Corning, showcasing the extraordinary properties of it's glass products...