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Bring to life the craft and passion of Caffè Nero coffee, showing the artistry of how a coffee is crafted. Shot in 4K slow motion on a red camera and edited in-house.


Working closely with the team at Caffè Nero we envisaged and storyboarded a series of short videos charting the love affair of coffee at Caffè Nero. Shot in 4K slow motion on a red camera over three long days in a studio, we obsessed over the detail and brought to life the small details which make Caffè Nero coffee the best in the world.


  • Direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Filming
  • Music and sound effects
  • Graded and rendered for various devices
  1. Espresso videos
  2. Espresso videos
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    We shot a series of these features over three days covering Nero's signature coffees. We obsessed over every detail of the process and as a result can now all make a great Cappuccino.

  4. Espresso videos
  5. Espresso videos
  6. Espresso videos

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