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Working across multiple digital touch points our task is to develop the online brand presence for Caffè Nero and build great digital experiences for their passionate customers.


Uber developed and built the current Caffè Nero website over three years ago as the first part of a long term digital strategy to engage and delight customers in the digital space. We're soon to roll out the second stage of the digital strategy, bringing the stories behind the brand to life and making the conversation with Caffè Nero more open and engaging than ever before.

We work across all digital media with the team at Caffè Nero, from photography and film work to strategy and technology. Our Uber CMS underpins all the digital strategies we deliver.


  • Digital strategy
  • Design guidelines
  • Desktop & mobile site
  • Recruitment & reward tools
  • Digital marketing
  • Running on Uber CMS

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  1. Website & platform
  2. Website & platform
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    The mobile version of the site is optimised to work across all smaller devices, looks great and has the right balance of information, delivering mobile worthy content.

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