3M | Work

  • 3M Touch responsive website


    3M Touch responsive website

    We helped bring 3M's visions of flexible, touch-sensitive film to life, by creating virtual samples and an umbrella website that showcased each film...

  • Micro projector animation


    Micro projector animation

    We helped 3M promote this revolutionary new 3M Micro Projector, focussing on its class leading functionality...

  • OCA



    Animation for 3M’s OCA Display materials showcasing the innovation, production and final product for distribution...

  • LED Advanced light Bulb Video


    LED Advanced light Bulb Video

    Animation of the new 3M LED Advanced light bulb showcasing the innovation which enables the bulb to shine bright for 25 years...

  • 3M PTC


    3M PTC

    Showcase the benefits of a new 3M material and inspire brand owners about the potential applications of the product...